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Whereas to become a good player it is necessary to read, learn and understand the rules of the game, that in itself is not sufficient. If you want to become a pro tennis player you have to be prepared to slog it out on the court. The same applies to poker. There is no substitute for card play. At one time this kind of live practice was available only on the poker tables in the casinos. And it came with a price tag. Better players took you to the cleaners while you learnt the ropes. To add insult to injury you would be derided for your poor play. Today gaming technology and the Internet have come together to provide an alternative mechanism for card play practice. This is the interactive online tutorial. At the outset it is important to understand that such tutorials do not work as well for poker as they do for some other games like blackjack.
In blackjack the player plays only against the dealer and not against other players. Further, the dealer is constrained to make set moves and cannot exercise his discretion. Hence in blackjack the player has only to get a sense of what are the optimal moves based on mathematical probabilities. However in poker you will be playing against aggressive players who will be making their own moves. In addition to card play you will need the skills of bluffing against them and calling their bluffs. Though many online tutorials provide useful tips in this regard, they really cannot provide practice. But you can at least become proficient in understanding your chances based on cards dealt.
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  All In Poker World have teamed up with Titan poker in the first ever European Championship of Online Poker 2007. The championship or ECOOP as its also know will take place at the end of November and last for ten days. You will have a chance to compete for a share of the $2,500,000 each of the winners will also receive a special limited edition ECOOP Bracelet.

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AllinPokerWorld Are you a poker player that can go All-in? AllinPokerWorld

All In Poker

All-in are the magic words in poker. It’s when you take all your chips, put them in the middle, and hope the cards are on your side. The all-in move should be a vital part of your best poker strategy. It can be used to protect strong hands, but also to bluff. The all-in tactic shouldn’t be used recklessly, however. When playing web poker, you will often find players who move all-in in each and every hand, and that strategy is not recommended
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There are three aspects that one needs to learn from tutorials. The first is the rules of the game, poker hand rankings and basic tips and strategy. Almost all tutorials provide this basic information. Check out the Help or Rules or School section of any online casino and you will get this information.

The next step is to become familiar with the run of play – how the cards are dealt, when the bets are made and how the stakes are fixed. Though this is verbally described in most tutorials it is difficult to get a clear picture from that. What is required is a step-by-step animated procedure of how the game unfolds. Fortunately there are tutorials that provide this. CD Poker explains the steps with illustrations in scroll down format. VC Poker has a better tutorial. It is interactive and animated and clearly shows the dealing of cards and betting sequences with explanations.

In the popular versions of poker or Poker En Ligne, like Texas Hold ‘em, the community cards are opened in stages. At each stage the player has to decide whether he should continue to play or should fold. This decision is to be taken based on the best hand he can make using his two hole cards and three of the five community cards. Hence he must be completely conversant with poker hand rankings and also have the ability to quickly and correctly choose the three cards from the community cards. A good tutorial is available at Lottery Hold ‘em Poker. The casual player section teaches and quizzes on recognising poker hand rankings. The card shark section teaches and quizzes on selecting the correct cards from the community cards.

The Online Betting Guide tutorial is excellent for strategy. Using a wide range of hole cards, it discusses and analyses the strategy at each stage of dealing the community cards. To top it there is a quiz to check out if you have understood the fundamentals.
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