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AllinPokerWorld Online Poker Room Reviews: Poker Host Review AllinPokerWorld
Visit Poker Host
  Money : 9/10
Bonus: 100% Deposit Bouns   Interface & customer service : 9/10
Bonus code:   Player Difficulty and Frequency : 6/10
Bonus other: Up to $2000 Bonus   Tournaments : 7/10
Overview : 4/5


Poker Host has moved around in the past from network to network, but it has finally found its feet and taken root in the Microgaming network. This is a very wise decision, because the Microgaming network is well established and will provide a good base to build a community of players from.

The special feature, which helps to separate Poker Host away from other Microgaming rooms, is the sheer size of their initial sign-up bonus. The whopping 100% match bonus up to $2000 is available to all new depositing players, and can be redeemed by playing raked hands at the cash tables, where every 10 raked hands will earn you $1 of your bonus. The redeeming terms and conditions for the bonus are not the best, but there are very few rooms that can compete with Poker Host when it comes to offering a huge bonus to its players.

Money: 9/10

Being part of the Microgaming network means that poker Host is able to offer a large Bad Beat jackpot and a magic hand bonus to its players. The Bad Beat jackpot can be won by playing on the specific bad beat tables, and having four of a kind 8s or better beaten, whilst using both of your hole cards. This bonus is not released often, so the bonus can grow over time to become massive, resulting in a big payday for one lucky winner. The bonus is also shared out with the other players that participated in the hand.

Interface and Customer Service: 9/10

Poker Host has solid software that never fails to run. The download process is quick and it does not take long for the client to install itself on your computer after the download has been completed. The lobby is easy to navigate, using a tree structure on the left hand side of the window to order the tables and limits. However, as with other rooms using the same software on the network, the table design is a little bring and dull. But if bright graphics and a busy table arenít to your taste, you will have a great time playing poker at Poker Host.

Tournaments: 7/10

Poker Host got $100K Guarantee in tournaments on a daily basis plus a $200K single tournament every Sunday. Sum it up and you get $4,5K in guarantees every month. There are daily qualifiers for the $200K guarantee.

Player Difficulty and Frequency: 6/10

Poker Host offers the standard Texas Holdem, Omaha and Stud versions of the poker game along with the addition 5-card-draw game, which is popular amongst European players and receives a decent amount of traffic on this particular network.

Customer support The Poker Host customer support is okay, but it is nothing to shout about. They offer the big 3 means of communication; phone, email and live-chat. However, the responses to questions are not always clear and will not always directly answer the questions that you pose.
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