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AllinPokerWorld Texas Holdem Rules AllinPokerWorld
Texas Holdem poker is played with a 52 card deck. What makes Texas Holdem stand out from many other card games? thats the use of five community cards, cards dealt face up that all players share. Each player also receives two face down cards each, hole or pocket cards. These two cards make up your starting hand.

A round of poker starts with every player being dealt their two hole cards. The winner is the player, after several betting rounds, can use his hole cards together with the five community cards and make the best ranked five card poker hand.

The player making the highest ranked five card hand out of the seven cards wins the pot. It doesnt matter if he uses four of the community cards on the board and one hole card or both hole cards and three from the board. Sometimes even the five communal cards rank as the best hand. Then all the players that are still in the hand shares the pot.

A hand always consists of five cards. In the case of two players holding a pair of queens for example the high card kicker will decide the winner.

The order of play in a poker game is decided by the button (puck). This is a marker that rotates clockwise between players. The player seated left of the button always acts first in a betting round. The player in front of the button acts last.

The next thing that happens after players are dealt their hole cards is the placing of blinds. These are small forced bets, usually small and a big blind, that ensure that every pot has a value. In Texas Holdem, its the two players left of the button that places these small bets. Blinds must be placed. As the button moves before each round begins, so does the blinds. 

The first betting round, the so called, pre flop betting round, begins with just the hole cards in play. When it is completed the flop betting round begins with three of the communal cards now in play. Then comes the turn betting round, an additional community card is dealt, and, lastly, comes the river betting round with all five community cards now on the board.

When its the players turn to act, he has five options; call, bet, check, fold or raise. Making a bet means wagering an amount, adding it to the pot. A call is matching a players made bet. To make a raise is to increase the wagered amount. Folding means dropping out of the pot, not wanting to call any made bets or raises. A player can check only if no bets are yet in play.

The betting round does not end until all players have matched the highest amount bet, or folded. Then all chips wagered are added to the total pot and a new round of betting begins. The player left of the button always acts first.

No limit is the most popular variant of Texas Holdem. It means that any player at ANY time can bet or raise an amount limited only by the amount of stacks in front of him. By going ALL-IN he bets all the chips he has in one go. If someone with an even bigger stack raises him, the first player does not automatically lose but will only win the amount equal to the size of his own stack. In limit Texas Holdem bets and raises are restricted to the blind. In a limit $1/$2 first bet must be $1. A raise would mean betting an additional $2. No more. No less.

Good luck at the tables.

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