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AllinPokerWorld Interview EF Hutton AllinPokerWorld
Ben, thanks for your time, can you tell us your real full name and tell something about your self, where you live, if you are married and if you have kids??

Ben Hutton and I play Professionally under Ben"EF"Hutton , The EF is a nickname that Chad Brown started because of the EF Hutton Financial Company. I am married to MJ who is on my top friends list. She is Australian, I was born and raised in Oregon and California. We now reside in Costa Rica and Australia.

What did you do for work before coming a pro poker player?


Was there a point where you decided that you'd make a run at going pro?

Won my 1st tourney I ever played at the Bellagion in Vegas 2001. Was a $1090 Event. I met Daniel Negreanu and Jesus Ferguson during that trip and at a party and decided I wanted to do this for a living.

What poker books you have red?? And which you recommend for poker beginners?

I am different on this issue, than most, I think you need to learn from throwing yourself in the fire and not by a book. You can read books all day long and it wont make you a better player. But if you are going to read a great book I would suggest Daniel Negreanu's Hold'em Wisdom for all Players

Where do you play online, and what's your nickname?

I am EF Hutton on PokerStars, EF Hutton on Absolute Poker , rakekingdotcom on Full Tilt Poker , Rakeking on Poker Host, EF Hutton on Ultimate Bet.

When you play, do you play more tournament or more cash games?

I am usually a cash player, you will find me at the Bellagio in Las Vegas playing usually 300/600 NL. I play ring games for Money , I play Tourneys for promoting of my site.

Who are your favourite or most admired players?

John 'Razor' Phan , He is one of my closest friends in the Poker world. He gives so much back, Chad"Downtown" Brown is also admired because he thinks I am insane and reckless! LOL

What's your favourite start hand?

"33", I have had more luck with that hand, than others because when you hit a set with it it's not expected and I can crush with it. If you watch the video on myspace I seem to do very well with 88. I think players that get a starting hand of AK and think it's a monster , watch too much poker on TV, AK is the most overated starting hand in Poker. Going all in with it pre-flop is suicide.

What's the highest price money you have ever won?

Ultilamte Poker Challenge Season 3 1st Place and Bracelet.

What are you best performers in the WSOP, WPT and EPT?

I won the EPT Paris Tourney seat on Poker Stars, but couldn't make the trip in 2004. I took 500th in the WSOP in 2004. I don't play the WPT as of yet.

Did you ever played at the Amsterdam Masters?


Have you ever stood up and flipped over a poker table because you were so furious?

No , but Layne Flack threw his cards at me once at the Bellagio for trappin him with quad J's over his trip Aces. My hole cards were JJ, his AA and the Flop Came AJJ, I checked he went all in and I called , Turn 2, river 6. Took down a 20k pot.

What advice would you give to the people who are watching poker on TV and playing online, hoping to go pro?

Practice , Practice and more Practice! , there is no other better experience that live play. I would not suggest anyone's 1st tourney to be the WSOP Main 10k event. It's a mad house and has nothing to do with skill anymore and everything to do with luck because there is going to be a field of 8k or more. I would suggest to play the smaller bracelet events, you can get in as low as $500 at the RIO this year and have a good chance at making 6 figures if your any good.

My Website is , It's basically a non-profit rakeback site, I started it to give back to the players in the form of rakeback for their play as much as 35%. I take a small 2-3% for admin expenses. We offer all of the top poker rooms and because of the volume that we do we can give poker players deals others can't. It's my way of giving back.

You can find me on

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